Sunday, December 2, 2018

59. Creative Ways of using QR codes

QR stands for Quick Response and it was designed in 1994 in Japan. I have noticed and found few QR codes in my working place. I found one on top of the lift button to serves as a circular/memo and another one at cafe to serve as a feedback form for customer to rate their services. 

If you ask me, I found it quite brilliant because I can just scan the code with my camera without typing anything in my phone to search for more information. I also noticed that China started obsessing QR code recently. Here I came up with few more ideas to use QR code:  

  • Live update. About what bus number for the station, to where and where the bus currently is. 
  • Additional info or news. Sometimes I saw a poster in MRT but there is no link, only photo. Make me curious what its try to tell me. 

  • Exercise or additional note for student. This is useful for student if they want to do additional exercises or dig deeper about the subject.
  • Tree label. Label near the tree or as tag to provide information about the tree such as species, age, and its uses. Please do this in Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM).
  • Building label. Label on the historical building to provide more information to tourist.

  • Product label. Label to give more details about the product like how product is made.
  • Food recipes. Food and its uses for cooking recipes and what else ingredient needed to cook the for the recipes.
  • Product review. Can be link to Instagram or Youtube.
  • Discount voucher. Used by Starbuck right now.
  • Business card. Can be link to Linkedin or Facebook page.
  • Book sample. Sometimes the book is wrapped in plastic and you curious to know the content inside or you just want to buy the soft copy.

  • Games, contest or treasure hunt. Scratch and win a prize or print on the rubik cube.
  • Easter egg. Incorporate as part of the games.
  • Animal collar. Well, if you saw someone's dog, you can scan the code and find the owner's Facebook or that's dog Instagram.  
  • Annual report soft copy. Scan and get soft copy of company annual report during AGM.
  • Payment mode for transaction. Scan, pay and go. Used by China right now. 
  • Ticket. As a admission ticket for movie or concert.
  • Matchmaking? Use as a tattoo or print a poster of your own QR code link to Facebook Instagram, Google+ etc for people to know more about you.

But beware, there is a pro and cons of using the QR codes. Make sure you scan reliable QR code and do not enter any personal info. 

  • Easy to use because just need to scan the code.

  • User must have the QR reader apps.
  • Must have a website url to direct user to that website.
  • Can direct user to scammer website, click bait and virus website.


There are numerous QR scanner and here I have published a QR scanner apps too at Google Play store. You can download it and scan the QR code and it will direct you to the website. This apps contain no advertisement and is totally free for everyone to use.


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Sunday, November 25, 2018

58. Summary of 2018

Hi, I'm back.

1. I did not realise that my last post was 19 December 2017. I abandoned it for almost a year. My first post was 16 Jan 2009. Wow, my blog almost 10 years old. 😱

2. I did not fully revamp my blog but just removed all unnecessary items and added a few links like Android Apps store, Facebook, Instagram, Shopee and Twitter. I want to keep it nice and simple.

3. I learned how to build apps this year as a hobby. I have published 11 apps (travel apps, quiz apps, ebook apps, religion apps, newspaper apps and "nothing" apps which have nothing in it). Download it and give me a honest review plz. Then you can uninstall it. 😂 My goal: 1 Month, 1 Apps!

4. My Facebook got nothing. I didn't bother to update anything. Too lazy I guess.

5. My Instagram full of my running photos. I have joined 32 runs so far since 2016 and ran 354.9 km. I just un-archived my post and make it public. I have donated my blood eight times since last year, I hope it can helps someone. My goal: 1 Month, 1 Run! 

6. I bought 36 pencil coloured pencil and 36 watercoloured pencil from Shopee. Why I bought two? Because I can't differentiate between the two and I want to test to use both medium. 😂

I want to learn back how to draw and colour my comic. My earliest comic that I drawn was July 2011. I want to incorporate comic element in my apps design. Apps + Comic... kill two birds in 1 stone! My current project is to build math quiz apps for children. Please wish me have time to complete it. Hopefully not hangat-hangat tahi ayam 😬

7. Now I also learning GIMP software to improve my graphic and image editing skills. Very difficult to use but the result is amazing once you know how.

8. My twitter?...lazy to tweet. 😐

9. My work? Currently I'm learning how to use SAS software to extract data and analyzing bank models... a lot of programming skills like coding involved. More and more to learn!😵

10. By the way...don't worry, I'm still surviving.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

57. Revamp

Hi, everyone!

Long time no see. I'm back! A bit of dusty here. Lolx. I have removed all my previous posts temporarily. I need to revive this blog because I need a platform to centralized all the social platforms like:

1. Pinterest
2. Shopee
3. Twitter
4. Instagram
5. LinkedIn
6. Facebook
7. ...and other social platforms

Besides that I hope I can post my ideas and bla bla bla here.

p/s: I tried to revamp my blog but looks like a lot of features have been changed. I need to take some time to do it. *Sigh*